Listed on: Jul 20, 2022


19Days: CEO / Co-Founder

The Opportunity

19days is a venture studio that has been working on a B2B SaaS concept in the commercial banking vertical focused on automating the painful process of document collection during the lending process.

We are currently on the hunt for someone to come take the helm of this venture where you’ll be surrounded by the entire product and marketing teams needed to gain market traction. Our team has already spent months running an initial user and buyer validation process and building the first version of the product. This venture is already funded to give you a runway to start acquiring customers and start building out your team.

Unlike many startup founders, our Founders receive a salary, insurance (health, dental, life, and short-term disability), and 401(k) matching in addition to significant equity participation in the venture.

Most importantly, 19days Founders don’t work alone. You benefit from the support of the 19days partners and an established team of strategists, operators, designers, content creators, analysts, and engineers at your disposal.

The Role

We are looking for a co-founder with deep sales and customer acquisition experience to build the go-to-market machine, acquire customers, and lead the vision for where our product should evolve. While you’ll wear a lot of hats as a start-up CEO, the most important role is in defining and leading the sales process. We need someone who is not afraid to pick up the phone and cold call to discover and document the sales journey while at the same time can work directly with a product team to shape the details of how the product solves our customer's biggest problems. On the sales and marketing front, you’ll have a team who can build and iterate on all of the lead research, sales automation, pitch decks, website, content, and performance marketing, but they will need your direction on how to shape the story and tactics.

You’ll hire your sales team, set targets, refine sales and marketing sequences, lead demos, and close the first deals while grooming your team to scale. While you’ll be surrounded by B2B SaaS and start-up veterans, it’ll be your show to run. You’ll be working regularly with the 19days general partners and the extended team who will be able to help navigate your way to success and allow you to spend the majority of your early time in the venture gaining sales momentum.

About 19days

19days is a problem-obsessed venture studio that finds real problems, validates products, then rapidly builds companies to give them a much greater chance for success. With our inaugural $10MM fund, we are launching 6+ ventures over the next 5 years.

We attract top-level founders and surround them with the entire team needed to grow startups into big successes. As a Co-Founder, you will have the opportunity to build an incredible business from an early stage and participate in the upside success.


You will serve as the chief executive and sales lead for Deal Docs. This means you should:

  • Use a deliberate process of steady trial and error to unearth as many customer acquisition opportunities as possible
  • Ask incredible questions that explore potential problem spaces and surface underlying issues and motivations of customers
  • Identify untapped opportunities by examining marketplace dynamics, competitive landscapes, key financial indicators, and how business works
  • Collaborate with the product and marketing teams to get things done and guide them by providing direction, support, and focus on a shared goal
  • Make sure that what needs to get done gets done so that the company continues to move forward and doesn’t lose steam
  • Build and lead the team you need to grow the company


  • An experienced full-stack seller: prospecting, pitching, and closing enterprise software
  • Possess product sensibility: know what customers want and are willing to pay for
  • People-centered leadership: building a team through coaching, goal setting, and communication
  • Banking industry knowledge, experience, and/or network
  • Past startup or growth experience a plus