Listed on: Feb 14, 2022


Volt: Senior Software Engineer


Join one of Tulsa’s top startups and help us solve a huge challenge for modern business — reliably connecting with customers via SMS. Volt’s Engineering team is responsible for architecting and building the system that processes millions of SMS messages per month, in addition to crafting a user experience that makes sending compliant messages easy for everyone.

As we rapidly scale the company, we have a lot of novel technical challenges to solve. We’re looking for a product-minded full stack software engineer to help us build a world class product while navigating the hurdles of scaling a high availability solution. We are looking for engineers of all backgrounds to join our backend services and product engineering teams.

  • Why You’ll Like Working for Volt:
  • We value development. You will work with smart engineers with combined decades of experience across every level of the software stack, and we deal with difficult technical and product challenges on a daily basis. We embrace continuous learning and provide support for self-improvement.
  • We’re impact driven. Our engineering team is singularly concerned with solving problems for our customers and the business. We show up every day with an aim to make a difference—whether that’s collaborating with our product team to improve our user experience, supporting our teammates, or tackling difficult architectural and scaling problems. Every system and process is open to continuous improvement—what matters most is solving problems.
  • We believe in using the right tool for the job. The nature of our business requires that our system guarantee high availability without burdening engineers with high-friction workflows and environments. To solve the technical challenges that brings, we embrace any technology that meets our constraints the best. We don’t frivolously add new tools to our stack, but we never limit ourselves to what we’ve already built with before.


What We Look For

  • If you don’t match all of these, don’t be discouraged from applying. We understand that learning new stacks and codebases are a part of joining any team.
  • Familiarity with modern cloud technologies — we run on AWS
  • Experience in engineering environments with scalability challenges or high availability requirements
  • Experience with or willingness to learn Rust, Typescript, Go, Python — experience with Elixir or Erlang/OTP is a plus!
  • Experience with both client (web or mobile) and server production codebases, as well as relational databases
  • Strong collaboration skills: working closely with our product team and other engineers to influence our roadmap and solve unconstrained problems
  • Experience in at least one full-time software engineering role
  • The ability to build within unfamiliar systems and write maintainable, well-tested code
  • A desire to help build a strong, healthy engineering culture

Technologies We Use:

  • AWS: EB/EC2, Kinesis, Aurora for Postgres, Lambda, SQS, ECS, CloudFront, S3, CloudWatch, API Gateway, CloudFormation
  • Languages: Rust, Go, Python, TypeScript, Elixir
  • Tools: Linux, Bash, Docker, Git, AWS SAM, React (web) and React Native, Angular


If you’re local, in our office at the One Technology Center in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, our engineering team fosters an inclusive remote-first culture, and we are open to remote work if you are the best person for the job.