ACT Tulsa Accelerator Launches Second Cohort

March 2, 2022

ACT Tulsa is back at it and has just launched their second accelerator cohort right here at the 36 Degrees North Incubator! ACT Tulsa is a joint venture between i2E and ACT House. Their 6-month cohort-driven accelerator program is designed to cultivate and drive innovation of minority-led technology startups located in Tulsa. The program provides each startup with $70k investments with 0% interest and equity. Check out all the awesome startups and founders in the second cohort!

Boxtown Team

Founder: Jarran Davis

Boxtown Team invents products for DIYers and contractors to help make their tasks a little bit easier. You can find our products across the US in over 2,500 ACE Hardware stores, Do it Best stores,,,, and Amazon. We think outside the box with our innovative, one-of-a-kind products. That is how we do it at Boxtown Team!

Budget Collector

Founders: Ebonique Boyd + Anya Ellis

Budget Collector is a data science company focused on art, community, ethics, and exploration. The company launched a machine learning-enabled mobile app in open beta on both Android and Apple in July 2021. The app helps art enthusiasts, collectors, artists to learn more about fine art available to be viewed or bought across the world. The company’s patent-pending technology is then used to create private bespoke events for their users.


Founder: Kelsey Davis

CLLCTVE is the portfolio platform connecting creators to their next opportunity. Our community-driven technology enables freelancers to build their own world online without creating any code, any website, or any resume - showcasing their creative capabilities and engaging with brands all in one place. With a community of thousands of creators and interactive sourcing technology, you'll find your perfect matches unique to your preferences for skills, interests, experience, location and availability.


Founder: Leon Fowler

Emfluencer is a community of local businesses of all sizes. Small mom and pop stores, as well as franchises, have the ability to share more than just activities with their communities, they can share consumers on a mobile application made specifically with them in mind. Consumers can subscribe to their favorite business and businesses can utilize push notifications to directly communicate to consumers without the noise of social media. GPS-based activities allow subscribed and unsubscribed consumers the ability to find and share events near them.

King's Wings

Founders: Tiara + Jimere Parker

King’s Wings is a mobile restaurant specializing in fresh never frozen wings, fresh-cut fries, and sides. In addition to the wings, they are known for their 15 homemade sauces/seasonings and deep fried biscuits topped with our honey sugar drizzle.


Founder: Elle McCray + Jessica Trippiedi

ONYX is engineering products suited for nearly half of the world’s population who experience menstrual pain consecutively for at least a week, every single month of each year. We created ONYX because we feel the same pain that 90% of menstruators feel each month. We believe relying heavily on painkillers, missing out on life or just suffering through the pain shouldn’t be an option. ONYX is making the world better for menstruators. We are reimagining the period experience with natural pain management products so you can thrive confidently and comfortably no matter how you menstruate.


Founders: Victoria Polk + Perewari Pere

Trameter is a travel agency providing algorithm based instant packages to travelers. Born from the personal pain point of trying to book a vacation - "I had $500 and wanted a quick getaway. I thought there was a platform where I could easily enter my budget and preferences and it would just automatically create a single package for me.That did not exist and when I shared that challenge with my friend Victoria who was a travel agent. She said that did not exist. We both thought that was a brilliant idea and upon further research, the market was ready for it, so we started Trameter."


Founder: Safir Monroe

At UnDelay, we determine the root cause of flight delays by transcribing radio conversations between airports and airlines. We aggregate this data to determine if a specific flight number is having a mechanical, tug pushback or taxiing issue during departure or arrival.Instead of listening to hundreds of hours of radio conversations, airlines, airports, and travel companies can search the cause of a delay in seconds. Flight delays cost the airline industry $8.2 billion annually and operational related disruptions account for nearly half of delays. Flight plans that indicate a plane’s flight path and ETA constantly change due to irregular operations which increase overall labor and fuel costs. By utilizing AI and advanced technology, the efficiency of flight plans will increase, and the amount of flight delays will be reduced.


Dominick Ard'is, Jordan McNear, Taleya Mayberry + Malachi Blankenship