ACT Tulsa Launches First Cohort

July 30, 2021

We are so proud of ACT Tulsa for launching its first accelerator cohort right here at the 36 Degrees North Incubator! ACT Tulsa is a joint venture between i2E and ACT House. Their 6-month cohort-driven accelerator program is designed to cultivate and drive innovation of minority-led technology startups located in Tulsa. The program provides each startup with $70k investments with 0% interest and equity. Check out all the awesome startups and founders in the first cohort!


Cadenzo is a marketplace that closes the gap between entertainers and venues so they can seamlessly book live events and communicate with one another. Cadenzo allows any space to easily begin hosting live events, helps venues already hosting events to host even more, and allows artists to do the same. By doing this, Cadenzo ensures every show has a home, so venues can focus on creating excellent experiences and entertainers can focus on their craft.

Andres Gonzalez, Marc LaManque, Troy Smith

Boddle Learning

Boddle is a gamified education platform that transforms digital content into engaging and personalized experiences using 3D gameplay and AI. Boddle is currently used in over 25,000 classrooms for math practice, revision, homework, and assessments. Boddle is a gamified education platform that helps content providers (like teachers and publishers) transform digital learning content into interactive and personalized experiences using 3D games and adaptive technology. Today, over 25,000 classrooms use Boddle for math practice, revision, homework, and assessments.

Founders: Edna Martinson + Clarence Tan


Fansub is a Saas enablement platform developed to give fan data, monetization and engagement autonomy to creators. Fansub leverages the latest live stream, push notification and ticketing technology to allow creators to create live events, drive sales via marketing automation, broadcast the event and engage with fans post-event.

Founders: Mike Lombardi, Brandon King, Cameron Williams, Chris Davis

Concept C3

Concept C3 was established in 2017 with the mission to create a sports bra for fuller bust women to have the support they need during physical activity. The support needed came from three things the founder saw that she needed from a sports bra: comfort, confidence, and control.  After spending much time in product development, Concept C3 launched with their low-impact C3 Comfort sports bra in 2019 followed by the launch of  their high-impact C3 Control sports bra in June 2021.

Founders: Chantelle Lott + Debra Edwards

Bite Way Nutrition

Bite Way Nutrition is a nutritional service company that provides meal preps and nutrition advice. Jayvin identified there was a need for nutritional guidance as she matriculated through the pre-pharmacy program and working in the field while pursuing her undergraduate degree. Bite Way believes most people could live a better and healthier lifestyle if they simply made changes with their diet.

Founder: Jayvin Broome-Washington


Ideate is the fastest way for bootcamp and vocational school graduates to get their first jobs in tech. They help technology companies fill their talent and diversity gaps through access to our database of over 20,000 bootcamp and vocational school graduates.

Founder: Chandler Malone

Comme Homme

Comme Homme is a tech-enabled, direct-to-consumer personal care and lifestyle brand serving the over 50 million American men that are bald or dealing with hair loss. Comme Homme is developing a comprehensive solution consisting of an immersive digital community, scalp care products, and AR technology to inject confidence into the hair loss journey. Their mission is simple: to help men everywhere embrace their natural evolution.

Founders: Kene Onuorah and Mejoy Lawson

Fresh Fabrics

Fresh Fabrics is a mobile laundry service that aides in alleviating the stress and numerous hours it takes for laundry. By allowing Fresh Fabrics to do your laundry you can simultaneously complete other important tasks. The need for convenience in a busy world makes mobile laundry desirable. Fresh Fabrics is evolving with the world with convenience and technology giving our clients the optimal laundry experience.

Founder: Ambrose Midget


Bodify is a web-based platform that leverages computer vision and artificial intelligence to help online shoppers find the best brands for their bodies. They are solving the universal problem of buying clothing online that don’t fit, and the fallout effect that has on the e-commerce apparel industry.

Founders: Carlanda McKinney

Learn more about ACT Tulsa and apply for their next cohort here!