Ask Me Anything Series: New Programming for 36°N Members

April 13, 2023

36 Degrees North is launching a new program for our members! As Tulsa's entrepreneurial hub, we are always looking for new ways to support our members.

We're all about providing the best workspace, resources, and community to help entrepreneurs in Tulsa succeed. From our high-growth Incubator program to our early-stage boot camps, we're dedicated to helping our community of entrepreneurs. Plus, we have tons of regular meetups like the Tulsa Women's Business Breakfast and the Tulsa Collab Breakfast, where you can network with like-minded individuals and get inspired.

We're thrilled to announce the Ask Me Anything Series in partnership with Black Dog Law, OU's I-CCEW, and Project Management Institute of Tulsa. This is a program we've created based on the needs of our community, and we think you're going to love it! Who doesn't want increased access to experts, right?

Here's how it works: members can sign up for a 30-minute advising session with experts from our very own member community. These experts are joining us at Basecamp every quarter to help early-stage entrepreneurs navigate the ambiguity of starting a business and answer questions. It's an incredible opportunity to get some personalized advice and guidance from people who really know their stuff. So what are you waiting for? Join us for this exciting new program!

Schedule (be sure to sign up on our member portal):

April - Project Management Institute of Tulsa

May - Kate Sullivan, Black Dog Law

June - Claire Sbanatto, I-CCEW

July - Project Management Institute of Tulsa

August - Kate Sullivan, Black Dog Law

September - Claire Sbanatto, I-CCEW

October - Project Management Institute of Tulsa

November - Kate Sullivan, Black Dog Law

December - Claire Sbanatto, I-CCEW

Learn about our experts:

PMI Tulsa is a local of Project Management Institute.  Members come from a variety of industries including energy, aviation, IT, finance, and manufacturing and they all share a passion for sharing project management skills and knowledge within their community.  The chapter will provide volunteers who are Project Management Professional (PMP) certified and are able to help you through any phase of a project from initiation, planning, execution or close out.  Prior to office hours, those who sign up will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire.  A team of project management professionals will review the information provided and prepare to support the attendees.  This means the feedback and advice provided should be focused and well-considered.

questionnaireKate Sullivan is a native Oklahoman who found herself on a journey from animal science and pre-veterinary student to a lawyer and then Patent and Intellectual Property Attorney. She began her own practice, Black Dog Law, under expert mentorship.  Kate focuses on removing the intimidation when dealing with lawyers while fighting fiercely for her client’s intellectual property rights. Meet with her to get answers and insights about patent, trademark, copyright, and other legal processes or to develop a draft strategic plan for your legal and intellectual property next steps for your business. The name Black Dog Law comes from her love of rescuing animals, particularly Black labradors who are known for their friendly yet protective and fiercely loyal nature. Kate works with clients from individuals to large companies, and treats them all with the same friendliness while protecting their intellectual property with ferocity.

Claire is the Director of Community Programs with I-CCEW, Oklahoma’s largest innovation consultancy. She enjoys the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs on high-impact, real-world problems that drive innovative solutions across the state and the nation. Prior to working at I-CCEW, Claire was with Tulsa Public Schools as a teacher, project manager, and innovation strategy partner. Claire is a graduate of The University of Oklahoma, with a Doctorate in Education & Policy Studies.

Interested in accessing programs like these? Learn more about how to join as a member here!