36°N Members Selected as Winners of Pharrell's Black Ambition Initiative

July 23, 2021

We’re celebrating big time over here at 36 Degrees North because two of our Member Companies were selected as winners of Pharrell Williams’ Black Ambition Initiative! Both companies received seed funding from the initiative, totaling $300,000. Black Ambition is a  non-profit initiative that provides a bridge to success for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs who are launching tech, design, healthcare, and consumer products/services start-ups. Black Ambition exists to leveling the playing field and fostering the ingenuity, determination, and resilience of underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Bee Law, Founder of QuirkChat | $250K Winner

QuirkChat is a social video and collaboration platform for geeks and hobbyists that emphasizes community moderation and community building. Need a friend for discussing AoT conspiracy theory or WandaVision? These are your people. Quips let’s you add 15 second video reactions and commentary about any fandom topics. After you “live tweet” during the show, come Quip on QuirkChat.

Clarence Tan + Edna Martinson, Founders of Boddle Learning | $50K Winner

Boddle is a gamified education platform that helps content providers (like teachers and publishers) transform digital learning content into interactive and personalized experiences using 3D games and adaptive technology. Today, over 25,000 classrooms use Boddle for math practice, revision, homework, and assessments.