Meet Our Members: Chris Harvey

January 28, 2022

Meet Chris Harvey, founder of Harvey Media and current Entrepreneur in Residence with Build in Tulsa! Pivoting from his role as the Social Media Director at a mega-church to build multiple businesses, Chris's mission has stayed the same: to launch and grow businesses and brands to the next level. And this is only the beginning!

If 36 Degrees North had a "Ones To Watch" list, Chris would be on it! Since leaving his Director role at Transformation Church in 2020, Chris has launched his own agency, Harvey Media. Their goal is to be the solution to your social media needs. Through social media management, branding, content creation, marketing strategies services, Harvey Media aims to help launch and grow businesses and brands to the next level.

But that's not the only ball Chris has the in the air, he's juggling quite the array of entrepreneurial endeavors. He also has a short term home rental company as well as Fresh Load Co., a mobile laundry service. Oh, and Chris is also in the process of launching a creative coworking space called Blackwood, inspired by the history of Black Wall Street in Greenwood.

When Chris isn't in the office, you can catch him hanging out with his fiancée and their sweet 8-month old daughter at his favorite Tulsa spots, Fulton Street Books and Coffee, Waffle That, and Silhouette.

Chris joined our community through his participation in Build In Tulsa's Entrepreneur in Residence program! Build in Tulsa is a scalable, replicable tech-forward business and entrepreneurship ecosystem designed to catalyze the creation of generational Black wealth. Build in Tulsa has assembled a best-in-class network of partners to support Black entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, providing the resources and support needed for success. You can learn more about Build in Tulsa here!