Endeavor Launches ScaleUp Program for Female Founders

February 13, 2022

Endeavor, a global network of entrepreneurs and mentors, has officially announced their expansion into Tulsa where they are now officing out of the 36°N Incubator. The organization is moving here with the mission of selecting and supporting Tulsa-based growth-stage founders. They’re already making a splash here in Tulsa by launching the ScaleUp program designed to accelerate the fastest growing female-led startups.

ScaleUp already exists in 15+ of Endeavor’s 40 markets, with the common goal of equipping founders who have achieved strong product-market fit and proven high growth potential with the resources and confidence they need to take their companies to the next level. In Tulsa, ScaleUp will be a four-month, non-dilutive program anchored around founder-to-founder mentor connections with growth-stage entrepreneurs in 7 U.S. cities. 

While Endeavor’s ScaleUp Program is offered in other Endeavor affiliate offices around the world, each affiliate designs the content based on the needs of their local entrepreneurial ecosystems. The ScaleUp Tulsa program is unique in that it incorporates leadership development from local founders in Tulsa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. ScaleUp will match founding teams with a more experienced entrepreneur for ongoing, founder-to-founder mentorship, and plug them into Endeavor's US regional network for tactical advice around specific business challenges. 

By launching a ScaleUp program in Tulsa, founders in the region will gain access to some of the most sought-after Endeavor mentors and entrepreneurs in our US regional markets including, Northwest Arkansas, Louisville, Miami, Detroit, Western New York, Atlanta and Denver. 

With Endeavor’s recent expansion into Tulsa, the ScaleUp program is designed to host 4-6 founders annually to help accelerate the growth of companies in the region and prepare them to engage in Endeavor’s “selection process,” culminating in a International Selection Panel, where Tulsa entrepreneurs will meet with peers from across the world and gain feedback. Applications for ScaleUp will be open until February 20. Entrepreneurs can learn more and apply here!