Maria Kim: Digital Nomad

August 22, 2021

If you’ve been around 36 Degrees North at all in the past year, you’ve met Maria Kim. She doesn’t miss a member lunch, happy hour, or a chance to make a new friend, and we love her for it. But what you might not know about Maria is that before she planted her roots in Tulsa six months ago, she was living the “digital nomad” life, moving from country to country with her laptop and a knack for copywriting. From Colombia to South Korea (shoutout to her grandma!), to Turkey, Maria trekked her way across the continents finding new friends and new skills along the way.

But Maria hasn’t always been a digital nomad. In fact, she spent 7 years working in the food and beverage industry before she decided to hop on a one-way flight to Columbia. She fell in love with the restaurant industry while she was bartending her way through college. Seven years later, she still loved the job but was burnt out and itching to travel.  Cut to now, 3 years and 4 countries later, and Maria is settling into her life in Tulsa with her cat daughter, Sylvie Monroe Kim.

Since being here, Maria has done what we hope every new Tulsan will do: get connected. Maria jumped headfirst into our 36 Degrees North community, where she made connections and met other 36°N members that have become her biggest clients. Her specialties lie in branding and content strategy, and she spends her days researching, writing, and collaborating with the teams she contracts with. It’s the best of both worlds for Maria, having the freedom to travel while she works, and coming home to a community of other entrepreneurs and freelancers she can collaborate with. We’re proud of her dedication to building a career and a life that she loves, and we’re super glad she chose to do it here!