Member Spotlight: Alan Faulk, Why Not Consulting

May 24, 2018

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Alan Faulk is the founder of Why Not Consulting, a training agency that creates sales training materials for a larger European training organization. His team researches, develops, and writes trainings that become animations and simulated activities.

Where and when do you get your best ideas? It's crazy, but I've got this down to a small window - it's between 9AM-12PM at my desk.

What's a work tool or ritual that you couldn't live without? Tool: I use AirTable for my database. Great for non-tech guys like me. Ritual: Workout every day. It's therapy.

What skill would you like to master? Meditation - I've started using the app, Headspace which has become a great first step in the learning process.

What advice would you give to someone seeking to launch or grow a business? "You're not clever." Trying to come up with a unique process, marketing, or anything else has been done so many times. Instead, research, meet people, intern, get a mentor, and borrow these ideas. Your job is to refine what you've learned and give it a special nuance.

What's a big "win" you experienced in the past year? I pitched a large organization to "hire my agency." I didn't know completely what that meant or how to do it. After many meetings, I got the contract! Subsequently, I now have an a team of writers, developers, and an assistant. Presto... an agency!

What are you most looking forward to in the year to come? Exceeding all expectations for this contract. To the point that it extends for multiple years.

Why 36 Degrees North? I'm an extrovert. Working out of the house and coffee shops wasn't cutting it. I needed a place I could create a rhythm of showing up and leaving at a certain time everyday. Also, the social interaction is key. Everyday there's someone to have lunch with, network, and now - hot yoga. Yep, we do hot yoga every Thursday at lunch. Weird and awesome.

Do you want to give any shoutouts? My work area has become like an episode of Cheers. We all warmly greet each other every morning and have a blast together. We affectionately refer to ourselves as "the Clump." Shoutout to Stephanie Forrest, Jon Grogan, Hans Brende, Kenny Osborn, Autumn Campbell, Eric Hodel, Sheena Grewal, Patrick Rooney, and Bill Leighty.