Crystal Ifekoya: The WHOW Factor

October 17, 2021

When you ask Crystal Ifekoya if there is something you should know about her that most people don't expect, she would probably tell you that she used to be in a biker club. Yes, that’s right. Crystal is a motorcycle chick, and that’s pretty rock & roll. But really, there is a lot more to Crystal than what you might expect. On paper, Crystal is an author, entrepreneur, mother, board member, and a DEI advocate; and we have to admit- that’s a lot of things to be! What many don’t know about Crystal is that she has truly overcome all odds to become the successful, powerhouse of a woman that we know today. Her story is one of triumph, as she’s fought to overcome drug & alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, dropping out of high school, homelessness, domestic & sexual abuse, divorce, and many other obstacles that threatened to stopped her.

We’re so proud of Crystal and the giant strides she has made in her life, especially in the past few years when went back to school to receive her Bachelors AND Masters degree and then quit her 9-5 job to focus fully on being a founder. Being the founder of one company is enough for most people, but not for Crystal! She’s the founder of BOSS Encounters, a strategy firm that provides successful tools to businesses and organizations by crystallizing their ideas and concepts. Their goal is to help customers build their brand by providing valuable high-quality designs coupled with effective marketing solutions. On top of that, Crystal is also the founder of WHOW Organization, which stands for “Women Helping Other Women”. The organization empowers women to improve their economic status through education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

When Crystal isn’t running two businesses, she’s spending time with her three daughters, attending church (shoutout #TCnation), grabbing coffee at at Black Wall Street Liquid Lounge, or planning her WHOW Book Tour (yep, she wrote a book somewhere in there!). Crystal is such a valuable part of the 36 Degrees North community, and we are lucky to have her! Want to connect with Crystal? Shoot her an email!