Member Spotlight: Jonathan Neff, New Era: Fine Fermentations

July 3, 2019


36ºN member Jonathan Neff is the CEO and head-brewer of New Era: Fine Fermentations, a microbrewery and pub specializing in artisanal beer and food that is naturally gluten-free. They strive to be an active part of the community focusing on culinary inclusivity.

How, where, and when do you get your best ideas?
I get my best ideas either while in deep discussion with friends over a tasty brew or while actively solving problems with mechanical equipment in the brewery.

What's a work tool or ritual that you couldn't live without?
I could not live without morning coffee or my hydrometers (tools used to measure alcohol content of fermenting beer).

What skill would you like to master?
I would like to master delegating, management duties, and how to say no. Funny how hard it is to break the habit of doing everything yourself.

What advice would you give to someone seeking to launch or grow a business?
Number crunch. For investors of any sorts, the numbers have to make sense - no matter how fancy the executive summary or business plan is. Take the time and spend the money with a good accounting firm that can help you strategize and project company financials.

What's a big "win" you experienced in the past year?
The biggest win was finally getting our brewhouse operational and opening our doors to the public on December 7th.

What are you most looking forward to in the year to come?
I can't wait to see our beer on tap around town - and possibly even in cans on the shelf!

Why 36 Degrees North?
36 Degrees North is the best. I used to work from home, and it was impossible to stay focused. At 36ºN I am plugged into a great group of entrepreneurs and other young professionals with whom I can easily network and lean on for support when the going gets rough. My productivity and overall happiness went through the roof when I moved my office to 36ºN.

Do you want to give any shoutouts?
Shout out to all of the staff at 36ºN. They help make each day a little easier and brighter. And I can't forget a huge shout out to Marshall Brewing Co. Without them, Oklahoma craft beer would not be what it is today. Cheers!