Member Spotlight: PJ Ebadi, KiZE Concepts

March 28, 2019


PJ Ebadi is the digital marketing manager of KiZE Concepts, an all-natural energy bar company focused on loving people through everything they do. Each KiZE purchase helps feed the hungry both locally and globally through partnerships with nonprofits like the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and Hope House Haiti.

How, where and when do you get your best ideas?
With my morning coffee. There's just something magical about that morning cup of joe and what it does for creativity! (I have to make sure I have my journal handy, so when the ideas come, I have a way to make them stick.)

What's a work tool or ritual that you couldn't live without?
Meditation. I did live without it for 22 years of my life, but never again will I go without it! Best thing I could do for everybody around me is to focus on my own mind first, so that when I'm with them, I am fully there, present, without lingering thoughts roaming around.

What skill would you like to master?
Overcoming fear. It's a skill.

What advice would you give to someone seeking to launch or grow a business?
This might be unconventional advice in the world of entrepreneurship, but I would say work for someone else doing what you "think" you want to do before starting your own business. I used to think I want to start a Smoothie Shop… until I worked at one (lol) and realized the reality of it is way different than the idea of it in my head; however, the clarity gained from that experience helped me tremendously in finding my way.

What's a big "win" you experienced in the past year?
I believe getting into 537 Walmarts nationwide would be our most notable "win" last year! However, personally, telling the story of our annual Haiti mission trips in a documentary form for the first time was just as rewarding to me if not more!

What are you most looking forward to in the year to come?
We are expanding our services to doing more speaking and coaching in the year to come, and I've personally always had a heart for helping others live the best possible life they can live. So I'm very excited to get those programs started.

Why 36 Degrees North?
From the first time I stepped into the space, it was my dream to work out of here! Awesome humans, doing awesome things. Everyone is here because they want to be, and there is something special about that and being surrounded by people who feel like they "GET TO" do what they do- not that they "have to." Not to mention being located in the heart of a city that I love dearly!

Do you want to give any shoutouts?
I want to give a major shoutout to Riata Center from OSU for allowing me to be a part of their program and my desk neighbors Kourtney Brooks and Kristi Jonez for always bringing the joy and energy which makes me look forward to stepping into the office every time!