Member Spotlight: Tammy Torkleson, Indigo Technology

June 20, 2018


Tammy Torkleson is the founder of Indigo Technology, a software company that builds technology solutions for businesses to use to recover missed revenue opportunities.

Where and when do you get your best ideas? Two ways: 1) in the middle of the night, I will randomly wake up to inspiration and 2) collaboration sessions with my team.

What's a work tool or ritual that you couldn't live without? Daily prayer, regular exercise, family dinners and my cell phone.

What skill would you like to master? Patience.

What advice would you give to someone seeking to launch or grow a business? Do your homework to really understand your market and ensure you have strong resources- both financially and personally- in place before you make the leap.

What's a big "win" you experienced in the past year? Achieving our revenue goals. And when people at networking events would say, "Indigo, I have heard of you!"

What are you most looking forward to in the year to come? Expansion.

Why 36 Degrees North? Amazing facility, incredible networking opportunities, great support structure.

Do you want to give any shoutouts? 36 Degrees North. We wouldn't be where we are today without them.