Paige Young: Couture Floral Designer

February 26, 2021

Paige Young

is the owner and head floral designer of Bella Blooms, a couture floral service that specializes in customizable commercial and residential flower subscriptions. The position that she’s in now is quite the pivot from last year when she was burnt out, overworked and ready to quit the floral business all together. Instead, Paige did something bold and started her own floral business in a city she’d only been living in for a month. You guessed it- we’re talking about Tulsa, baby!

Paige sort-of stumbled into floral design when she was looking for part-time work right out of high school. She got a job at a floral design company in her hometown of Appleton, WI, where she started cleaning out buckets and glassware after events. Eventually, Paige found herself learning to assemble corsages and boutonnieres and gaining more knowledge about the industry; all while getting her degree in Interior Design. Fast forward 8 years, and the part-time job that helped put Paige through college has become her full-time career and passion.

After 7 years with the small floral company that gave Paige her start, the owner decided to close the business and Paige found a new job working at a fast-paced retail floral shop. With the never ending to-dos of managing customer flower orders, funerals, weddings and events at the same time, she quickly became burned out and swore off the floral industry. But, not for long.

Today, Paige is a new Tulsa resident and 36°N member with a niche floral company of her own. She and her husband have only been living in Tulsa for 5 months and she’s already built a business that allows her to have all her favorite parts of the floral industry, without the ones that made her pull her hair out. Paige is a first-time entrepreneur and knows she has a lot to learn as a business owner. So, she dove in head first researching legal documents, getting her LLC, finding local wholesalers, creating her brand and meeting with an Entrepreneurial Coach.

So what exactly is Bella Blooms? It is a couture floral service in Tulsa that works with commercial properties to elevate their brand and customer experience. They’ve also recently started offering residential floral subscriptions! With years of experience in the floral industry and a finger on the heartbeat of couture floral trends, Bella Blooms uses exceptionally fresh flowers grown in the U.S. to create custom packages that cater to each client’s unique style. Clients will find a fresh arrangement of flowers delivered straight to their space, as often as they like.

“My experience so far as an entrepreneur has been a bit of a roller coaster. It's a very intimidating thing to be a business owner when you haven't done anything like it on your own before. The success of this business is resting fully on my shoulders. It's also thrilling to know that I can make Bella Blooms into the unique, high-end, sought after floral subscription business that I've been dreaming of creating for years. I hope to set Bella Blooms apart from other flower shops in the area by not being a flower shop, but a unique local floral service that comes to you. Something that is consistent. Something that you sign up for because you appreciate the beauty and positive energy that flowers can bring into your life.” - Paige

Q + A with Paige

What is something no one expects about you?
P: I have a very old soul. I love old movies; some of my favorites being any of the The Marx Brothers movies, Rose Marie, a Philadelphia Story, and My Fair Lady. I love Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Rosemary Clooney, Abba, Prince, and so many other iconic musicians from back in the day. I’m a huge fan in general of any music and movies from the 40’s to the 90’s.

How have the past few months impacted you?
P: The past few months have been a wake up call for me, both personally and professionally, that I need to focus on doing what makes me happy. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on what inspires me and what I want to accomplish. Life is short and I intend to make the most of it.

What are your favorite Tulsa spots?

Paige and her husband, Steve.