Women’s History Month: Denise Mckinney

March 8, 2023

Happy Women's History Month! March is a time to celebrate women and the incredible contributions they are making in our community. As we celebrate, we want to highlight a member of 36 Degrees North who is making a difference in Tulsa: Denise McKinney.

Denise is the founder of The Well, a faith and dinner community in Tulsa that welcomes people from all backgrounds to share a meal, sing, and listen to stories and personal experiences. The goal of the community is to explore faith and what it means to be present with each other, while also creating space for people to discover their own spirituality.

Denise's leadership and dedication to The Well have made a significant impact on the Tulsa community. Her commitment to serving others is evident in the programs and initiatives The Well offers. For instance, The Well offers mentorship and academic tutoring for middle and high school students at Central High School. The community's aim is to bridge the gap in the school system to help children who are struggling. The Well also hosts grocery giveaways to serve those in need.

The Well also provides The Well partners with One American Movement to have conversations about polarization in the nation. This is an organization that Denise is passionate about, and as a board member, she hopes to lead the way in creating space for people to learn how to apply these principles in Tulsa.

Denise's role as a founder of The Well is inspiring, especially because she is a woman leading a church in a place where it is often rare to find women in such leadership positions. “I've been doing ministry for 30 years and now it's just really important to me that I just model what's possible,” she said. It is clear that she is passionate about creating a space for people to connect with their spirituality.

As a woman who has faced challenges in the church, Denise's story is especially powerful. She’s a role model for other women who are looking to lead and create change in their communities. We always love to see a woman who is so dedicated to serving others and who is making such a positive impact in her community.

As we continue to celebrate Women's History Month, let's take inspiration from her story and work towards creating a more inclusive and accepting community!

Learn more about Denise + The Well.